Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Demand for SEM just keeps increasing with time!!!!

B2b and B2C marketing has gradually gained prominence over the internet. Over the last decade or so Search Engines have become the deciding factors for any major business on the web. In order to guarantee you better ROI it is highly important to opt for a method that would ensure the same. It is here that Search Engine Marketing comes into play. Highly effective, the process of promoting your website through Search Engines not only gets it quality visitors but proper tactics if implemented also helps brand build your business and propel it to a different level altogether.

SEM is about marketing your business online through search engines. Like any other marketing stream, its primary objective is to convert potential users into customers. The major difference that exists between traditional marketing and search engine marketing is, in search engine marketing your business (website) is displayed at absolutely right time when user is actually interested and searching your product or services. Search Engine Marketing is categorized into two segments 1) Paid Search Marketing & 2) Organic Search Marketing. Paid Search Marketing or Paid Advertising is about bidding for business related Keywords which you would like to target. Paid ad campaigns can be managed by various online channels like Google, Yahoo and MSN. However, Google’s AdWords channel is the most prominent of all. The advertising cost depends on the type of payment modules you opt for, the 3 main being cost per click (CPC), cost per 1000 impressions (CPM) and cost per action. Organic Search Marketing is free of any charges to search engine and as far as results are concerned, it depends on many undisclosed algorithms of the Search Engine which triggers each time a search query is made by the user.

The fact that SEM is cost effective and its ability to generate quality online traffic which can be converted into potential buyers by diverting them to the more dedicated section /page of website which further more increase the chances of better conversion, makes SEM the most preferred mode of advertising.

Search Engine Marketing evolved with the advent of the internet, but most importantly after the birth of Google. With Google Search covering more grounds on a rapid basis compared to its competitors Yahoo and MSN, B2B and B2C marketing is gradually turning out to be a major money grossing venture. And with the internet industry all set to dominate in the coming times, Search Marketing will be the sole medium to influence and deliver solutions that will definitely provide better ROI (Return on Investments).